I mentioned before my trip to the library to get some sewing/ dress making/ pattern making books. So I thought I would read up and try and work on improving some of the sewing I do and how I do it and hopefully learn a few things.

I decided I was gunna make a pattern block. I have been basing my patterns so far on a basic dress pattern and adjusting it, but haven't made a block that is just right. So I thought I would do it properly and follow the instructions.

I used a standard pattern sized up to make one set of blocks, I then followed this method of measuring the body and drawing it all out. I then adjusted this one on both my model and by trying it on myself.

This is my block so far on my model. It still needs a fair bit of work, cutting etc and then drawing out onto paper.

making a block
I have been doing a lot of pinning and adjusting to try and get it just right.

I think I might test this out, once it's finished, by making a black dress for work, so watch this space.

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