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Bread making

I've been planning on making this fougasse bread for ages, but just needed an occasion when I could make it and it would all get eaten, and last weekend was just such an occasion.

A lovely sunny day, one of the first this year, so after cake making, I got to work making this bread.

It it a bread dough with herbs and chorizo, I do love chorizo. This is the dough when I first made it.

bread, fougasse, french flat bread, chorizo, herbs, recipe,
I spread it out and let it rise on a tray by the oven.

This is it cooking away in the oven.

french bread
Then out on a cooling rack

Here it is cut up and ready to eat for lunch.


I like to make a selection of cards to always have on the ready for Birthdays, thankyous and occasions, so I have made a new set. I have sewn little flowers onto card.

cards, handmade, cut, flowers, scissors, butterflies
I hand stamped wishes onto card.

I put these together.

handmade cards
And these are my final cards

birthday cardshandmade cards



I have a new recipe book, so have been making a few cakes from it.

I tried this one out, a browned butter and cinnamon teacake, but unfortunately it was so good it all got eaten before I was able to take a pic of it!

I then made some Macaroons and topped them with chocolate, nice and sweet.

macaroons, cakes, recipes,spring
And here's them with some daffodils that came out of our garden, very spring like.


Making Biscuits

I made some biscuits.

chocolate, biscuits, Viennese swirls, recipes
I piped them out onto a baking sheet.

I then baked them.

I then coated them in chocolate, somewhat hiding all the pretty pipe worked shapes, opps, got a bit carried away with the amount of chocolate.



Making cards

I always like to have handmade cards ready to send to people when a birthday or event comes up. So I decided to sit down and make some new ones as I am gradually running out of the ones I have made before.

I saw a great card idea, of using paper and sewing it onto card.

So I got going.

I drew out lots of pretty shapes, balloons for the boys and then lots of butterflies and flowers.

They looked quite pretty once I had finished cutting them all out, although my fingers hurt and it took a while!

I then got my sewing machine out and got sewing. I layed out the flowers etc roughly where I wanted them and sewed them on to the cards.
cards handmadehandmade sewn cardspretty handmade cardhandmade sewn cardcelebration, event cards


I think the results were quite pretty, I just need to line them to finish them off nicely. :o)



I got some pressies!! A new set of scales, which will definitely help with my cooking, should be much more accurate than my last ones.

cookies, scales, muffins, cakes, book, recipes,
I also got a new book to cook from, so lots of new recipes to test out.

cookies, scales, muffins, cakes, book, recipes,



I have been looking at brogues for ages and I eventually have got myself a pair.

brogues, black


New Bag

I have just bought this new polka dot satchel! Have been looking for a new bag for a while and this one caught my eye.

bag, polka dot, satchel, green,


I started knitting a new hat

making a knitted hat
Inspired by all the cold weather and snow recently I decided to make a couple of warm wintery hats.

This is the first, a slouchy beanie which is going to have a nice big bobble on it.

hat, bobble, knit, chunky,wool, winter, snow, slouch, slouchy, beanie

knitted hat

They'll be another pic to come once I have completed it!


New Dress

I found a great new place to buy fabric and so picked up a nice piece to make a dress for work.

I recently made my own pattern that fits me perfectly, after reading a pattern making book, and so this was my first test run of using this.

This is the facing:

The pattern pieces cut out:

And the final dress:


Knitted phone case

I got a new phone recently, so this is the case I made for it. It is cable knitted and I made a flower for it too.
knitted, crochet, phone, cover, iphone, handmade, knit



truffles, chocolate, christmas, pressies,presents,made, recipe,
Haven't blogged in a while, but these are the truffles I made over Christmas for pressies.

chocolate truffles handmade



I have made a little sewn fawn. Again for my Christmas craft stall (as everything is at the moment, but only 2 weeks to go now!)
fawn, deer, christmas, cute, handmade,reindeer



Busy busy busy...

I've been making loads of stockings for my craft fair in December. A great excuse 2 make lots of bits and pieces that I've wanted to make for a while.
christmas, stockings, xmas,fabric, handmade, sewn, sewing machine, christmas eve

christmas, stockings, xmas,fabric, handmade, sewn, sewing machine, christmas eve

Christmas stocking