I made cake...

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I saw a picture of a cake I really wanted to make a while back, I just needed an occasion to make it. So my Nan's Birthday.

This is a test run, just to check it wouldn't be a total disaster at the last minute when I didn't have a back up plan (often a problem I have!!) But it wasn't and am quite happy.

I think I'm gunna make it in shades of green, my Nan's fav colour. There'll be pics of that 2, so fingers crossed it's successful.

I also got some icing tools when I was out shopping (it is what I used to do the icing on the cake), but I also wanted to try and make some chocolate shapes (another idea that I saw recently). I just did some test runs of hearts and stars, but worked ok. Just gotta make sure I don't get too impatient and touch them before they r properly dry!

I just tried them in my cake, think they look cute, might add these to the next cup cakes I make, now there's an idea!!

cake, heart, star, birthday, icing, recipe
swirl chocolate cake

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