Friendship Bracelets

handmade friendship surf bracelet with beads by surf jewels handmade jewellery
Friendship bracelets was probably one of the first types of jewellery I made. It's what started me on the path to making handmade jewellery and what inspired me for the journey.

I have made these bracelets with that in mind as well as surfy inspired jewellery that I started out making. They are made from cotton with a mixture of handmade and wooden beads.

I can make these customised with any combination and size of beads and cotton. Whether you fancy something brown with green beads or something pink with white beads I can accommodate it. Just send me a quick e-mail with what you would like and we can dicuss it.

These bracelets will cost you £10 and are great for the day out on the beach or just chillin.

More info and details of my other jewellery at:
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wooden surf bracelet by surf jewels handmade jewellery

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