A new little eco owl

I recently made a little owl and I am now onto my second one.

This little owl is made from recycled fabrics and scraps left over from other projects. It is then stuffed with reused fabric as well. Totally eco and great for the environment, as well as totally cute (of course).

First step was to cut out the pattern pieces. I've gone for a pink theme this time.

owl,sewing, sewn,fabric,recycled,eco,ethical,reused, surf jewels, flower, cute

I then sewed the wings together, then the front to the back, I did this before the appliqué and embroidery this time. (That's my little pin cushion that my Mum made me there!!)

Here is attack of the pins!! I pinned my fabric in place. There are a lot of pins because I had to fold over all the edges on the circles (not an easy task).

So all ready to sew...

I made my own little label. I have been meaning to make a little label to go on my items for ages. I have tried free sewing on my machine, but I def need some practise. So I hand sewed this one, that way it comes out the way I want it to.

This is my little owl just before stuffing, after sewing on the eyes, beak and detail.

cute owl

And this is my finished owl, leave a comment to say what you think.


Finished Office Dress

This is my finished office dress.
office, tailored, dress, shirt, recycled,work, outfit

The top part I made from an old shirt, the bottom from a dress that I recycled. So totally eco and it came out well. Just a slight adjustment to do on the back and then I can wear it to work.

Very happy. It is nice to go from an idea/ picture of what you want to the final item.

tailored dress handmade recycled



Today I have been working on making an owl

I started off by doing some drawings of what I wanted to make and some ideas.

I then drew it out to actual size and cut it out for a template.

I then cut out the fabric pieces using the template.

This is all the pieces cut out and laid out where I want them.

Before stitching the back to the front, I sewed on all the detailed work, such as eyes, beak etc.

Then I did some sewing on my machine. This is the wing.

And I ended up with this:

owl, stitch, sew, thread


Knitted jumper

Jumper, knit,dress, grey
I have finally finished my knitted jumper dress. I may have started it last winter, but at least it'll be ready for next winter right?!

Very happy with it. Came out well.


Office Dress

Ok, so I have made quite a few items of clothing, have followed (and not followed patterns), admittedly being more successful when I do follow patterns. But inspired by something I saw on TV and a dress I've seen on the net, I got going on making my own pattern and dress.

First step was to make a pattern. I based it vaguely on part of a dress pattern I have used before. I had a bit of inspiration and made it from newspaper, then remade it.

Then was cutting it from fabric.

dress,pattern, shirt, office, suiting,make, sewing
I made this from a dress that was not so successful and a man's shirt that was being thrown away.
dress,pattern, shirt, office, suiting,make, sewing
I have been doing a lot of sewing and adjusting and this is where I am at now. There is a lot of work 2 go. Pins are still holding a lot of it together and some bits just aren't right. So I'll keep you posted.



I see lots of pretty cupcakes when I'm browsing around the net, so have been making a few myself.

I put some in my fav cake tin.

cakes, cupcakes, chocolate, icing,sugar, choc

cakes, cupcakes, chocolate, icing,sugar, choc
Yum, writing this is making me hungry, I may hav 2 go and eat one!!


Sewing Box

threads, sewing, box, buttons

My Dad rescued this from a skip and I love it.

threads, sewing, box, buttons
A proper old sewing box. Just had to fix some of the screws back in (with a little help from my Dad).

Now I use it for all sorts of sewing bits- ribbons, threads, buttons and bits and bobs.


Taking photos

pics, photos, photographs, pictures, poloroids, flowers

I love taking photos and so today I nabbed my Dads SLR and ventured into the garden.

I like taking close ups, so here's a taster of what I took.

Check out my site for more pics:

pics, photos, photographs, pictures, poloroids, flowers


Cake bites

Ok, so I have been quite excited looking through a new blog I found- Bakerella.com It has some amazing baking on there and some lovely ideas. So today I though- y not try one of them out. So I tried my hand at making cake balls.

Now here's how they should look:

choc, chocolate, cake, milk, recipe, cake, bites, yum

So I baked a small cake (I didn't want to make too many all at once). I used one of my fav recipes, then crumbled it in a bowl and mixed it with a chocy icing.

I then rolled this in balls and laid on a sheet, so far so good. Quite easy and smooth so far!

choc, chocolate, cake, milk, recipe, cake, bites, yum
Then came the chocolate coating. I started off by skewering them, but I broke a few of them in half, opps. So change of plan- I decided to use a spoon instead. Had a few problems, the first ones I dipped are covered in very thick chocolate and towards the end they are very thinly coated. Think I definitely need to do some perfecting of the technique!!

These are my very messy creations!! They are currently waiting to dry.

choc bites
I am sure they will be yummy anyhow!


Customised Shoes

I decided I wanted some flat black pumps, but ones with a nice bit of detail to wear out in the evening. I couldn't find what I wanted in the shops, so I thought- Y not customise my own. So here's the results.

I made a flower from a netting lace ribbon that I had and then I added beads to the centre.


Organ Donation

I have just added myself to the organ donation list on the NHS.


I think a lot of people wouldn't mind if their organs were used when they die, but just never get around to actually adding themselves to the list, but it is really easy and quick to do and you can take yourself off at any time.

And to think that 1000 people every year die because they can't get a organ.

Heres what the NHS has to say:

'Would you take an organ if you needed one? Nearly everyone would. But only 29% of us have joined the Organ Donor Register.

More than 10,000 people in the UK currently need a transplant. Of these, 1000 each year – that's three a day - will die waiting as there are not enough organs available.

Please help us to turn people’s good intentions about organ donation into action by registering on the NHS Organ Donor Register.'