A new little eco owl

I recently made a little owl and I am now onto my second one.

This little owl is made from recycled fabrics and scraps left over from other projects. It is then stuffed with reused fabric as well. Totally eco and great for the environment, as well as totally cute (of course).

First step was to cut out the pattern pieces. I've gone for a pink theme this time.

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I then sewed the wings together, then the front to the back, I did this before the appliqué and embroidery this time. (That's my little pin cushion that my Mum made me there!!)

Here is attack of the pins!! I pinned my fabric in place. There are a lot of pins because I had to fold over all the edges on the circles (not an easy task).

So all ready to sew...

I made my own little label. I have been meaning to make a little label to go on my items for ages. I have tried free sewing on my machine, but I def need some practise. So I hand sewed this one, that way it comes out the way I want it to.

This is my little owl just before stuffing, after sewing on the eyes, beak and detail.

cute owl

And this is my finished owl, leave a comment to say what you think.

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