Cake bites

Ok, so I have been quite excited looking through a new blog I found- Bakerella.com It has some amazing baking on there and some lovely ideas. So today I though- y not try one of them out. So I tried my hand at making cake balls.

Now here's how they should look:

choc, chocolate, cake, milk, recipe, cake, bites, yum

So I baked a small cake (I didn't want to make too many all at once). I used one of my fav recipes, then crumbled it in a bowl and mixed it with a chocy icing.

I then rolled this in balls and laid on a sheet, so far so good. Quite easy and smooth so far!

choc, chocolate, cake, milk, recipe, cake, bites, yum
Then came the chocolate coating. I started off by skewering them, but I broke a few of them in half, opps. So change of plan- I decided to use a spoon instead. Had a few problems, the first ones I dipped are covered in very thick chocolate and towards the end they are very thinly coated. Think I definitely need to do some perfecting of the technique!!

These are my very messy creations!! They are currently waiting to dry.

choc bites
I am sure they will be yummy anyhow!

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