Office Dress

Ok, so I have made quite a few items of clothing, have followed (and not followed patterns), admittedly being more successful when I do follow patterns. But inspired by something I saw on TV and a dress I've seen on the net, I got going on making my own pattern and dress.

First step was to make a pattern. I based it vaguely on part of a dress pattern I have used before. I had a bit of inspiration and made it from newspaper, then remade it.

Then was cutting it from fabric.

dress,pattern, shirt, office, suiting,make, sewing
I made this from a dress that was not so successful and a man's shirt that was being thrown away.
dress,pattern, shirt, office, suiting,make, sewing
I have been doing a lot of sewing and adjusting and this is where I am at now. There is a lot of work 2 go. Pins are still holding a lot of it together and some bits just aren't right. So I'll keep you posted.

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