Making a Ring

I decided recently that I would make a ring. I have made one ring before, but it was a flower one very different to my new idea.
I decided to design a ring that I would cut out with a piercing saw. I played with lots of ideas and designs before settling on one.
note book - handmade, saw pierced, surf jewels, jewellery, ring, aluminium, flowers, leaves, hearts, design, making, designing
I did a test run also, which took me a lot of time and had a few problems- mainly some weak points that needed to be stronger (which I took into consideration the next time round).

Here is my final design that I drew out into my notebook.

jewellery ring design
I then drew this on to the aluminium sheet and began cutting it out with a piercing saw.
ring designThis image shows my piece held in a clamp which I use to hold it while cutting.
This is my ring once all cut out and roughly filed.
flower leaf heart ringI need to just do some finishing touches to this ring and then I will upload a pic soon. It currently needs a little more filing and finishing.

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