Just made a new dress

This is my third dress that I have made recently, a bit of a sewing frenzy!!
I designed this dress and made it myself. I started off my designing the pattern and then drew it all out on to the fabric, making sure it all fitted.
I then cut it all out. I hate the moment when you have to do the first cut, there's no going back!! At least if you sew something wrong you can unpick it, you definatly cannot uncut something (unfortunatly, there have been times when I wish you could).
cutting out pattern
Luckily the cutting went fine. I then started sewing and then pinned it all onto my manequin. I love my mannequin- great for pinning, when it would be a struggle to do it on yourself- you can never reach your back!handmade dress sewing

handmade dress making
This is my finished dress, pretty happy. Wanted something brown and fairly casual and I love big pockets!!
handmade dress making sewing pattern design dress brown

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