New experiments with Wire

I am always experimenting with ideas and always wanting to come up with new ideas. I recently have been trying out ideas in wire.

hammered wire charm pendant by surf jewels handmade jewellery

First I shape the wire the way I want it, then I hammer it so that it reflects light and has a good texture. I then cut out my charms (in this case a flower and leaf) which I draw out, cut with a piercing saw, then file and sand to finish. To make the flower I also added fine beading wire and a couple of seed beads to finish.

handmade jewellery by surf jewels

the process of making by surf jewels handmade jewellery
I am definatly going to experiment more with wire and the charms I make by hand once I've got some more designs worked out.

handmade jewellery
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PetiteChacal said...

This is so cute!!