Cake stand

cake stand, cake, stand, dome,glass, chocolate, orange, moist, sponge, yum
I gave in and got a domed cake stand, how gorgeous is it?!!

And I had to make a yummy cake to go inside (of course). I made a moist chocolate orange cake.

Yum, yum and yum!!!!


How I make a necklace

 necklace, chain, cord, wire, plyers, making, pendant, thread, silver
This post is about how I make my necklaces.

I love to make everything from scratch as much as possible and this shows just how it's done.

I start out with silver thread and wire and end up with a necklace with a clasp.

Click on image to enlarge and see the details.

New shirt

work, outfit, black, shirt,skirt, hearts, office, handmade, sewn, made, pattern

This is the 2nd shirt I have made and after the first one came out Ok, I thought- y not make another. Saw this fabric and thought- perfect.

I also found this skirt and just had to take it up so that it was the right length, then I had my new work outfit sorted!

Flower Pendant

flower, layered, pendant, necklace, stone, silver
Pretty flower pendant that I recently made.

I saw pierced the flower from aluminium, then cut another flower from recycled plastic and layered them with a pretty stone at the centre.


Mother's day pressie

mother's day, present, apron, sewing, kitchen, handmade, sewing machine

This year for mother's day I made my Mum a pressie-I made her this apron.

I found some great fabric online, that I thought would be perfect, went to the little knitting shop up the road from me (which seems to have just about everything you could need) to get the cord and after some work on my sewing machine, I had made her pressie.


New from old

pendant, recycled, broken, tile, solder, necklace,flower
I have just made this pendant.

I created it from a piece of old broken tile that I thought was pretty and a lot of soldering later.... here is my creation.


First Milkshake of the year

straw spoons
Ok, so it's hot, the sun's out and I had some new straw spoons to test out. So of course- I made milkshake, yummy!

milkshake, sun,sunshine,chocolate, yum, straw, spoon, icecream

milkshake chocolate



cakes, bar, oats, flapjacks,recipes, yum, yummy, baking, cooking
cakes, bar, oats, flapjacks,recipes, yum, yummy, baking, cooking
So by now u probably can I tell I love baking, among a many other things. So I have been making again, I made rock cakes and sunshine bars (Don't ya just love the name!) and heres some pics.

cakes, bar, oats, flapjacks,recipes, yum, yummy, baking, cooking


New outfit

dress,outfit, spotty, dot, blue, layered, skirt, look
Ok, so I bought this new dress a while back and thought it was really cute, but it seemed a little short, so I have worn it with jeans, but it's not quite the same. But yesterday I discovered a new way to wear it. I used a black skirt as a layer underneath and now I am happy with it.


DIY Cake stand

cake stand, cake, plate, white, diy
Ok, so I really, and I mean really, wanted to get a cake stand, so I have been spending time (maybe too much time if I'm honest) looking at cake stands online and as yet I have not bought one. Altho I may still do. Once I started looking I found nicer and nicer ones and even tho I don't really need one, I may be getting a cake stand with a dome! We'll see, so watch this space!!

But in the mean time I saw that a few people had DIYed it and made their own out of various plates and vases etc, so I thought- y not give it a go and went on a rummage in the kitchen, and heres what I came up with. Not bad I don't think. Tho I would like it to be higher, but u can't have everything!

I used a white dish and an upturned little bowl, doesn't look too bad even if I do say so myself!


Yummy Cake

cake, choc,chocolate, spread, tea cake, tea bread, yum, food
How does choc spread cake sound?

A rhetorical question I think, who wouldn't like the sound of that.

And it was yummy, I will be making it again!