Making a necklace

making jewellry
I've just made a new necklace and thought i'd say how its done.

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How its done:

I began by making a cord, this was done by plaiting thread.
made jewellery
Then I collected together the beads I wanted to use.

Next I had to make the metal charms I wanted to decorate my long necklace with.

To do this I had to design the items on paper
handmaking jewellery
Then I had to cut draw them onto the metal and cut them out with a saw.
designing jewellery
Then I filed and sanded them to give them a nice finish. I then threaded them with a bead.jewellery makingjewellery making
I then decided on the layout of my necklace before knotting and threading the beads.
make handmade jewelleryAnd this was the end product.

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natural attrill said...

really like the little aluminium flowers!
Thanks for the comment, have you seen my other blog?

Surf Jewels said...

Thanks for the comments, ur blog looks gd