Making butterfly necklace

This post shows how I make my pieces of jewellery. I have shown the process of making a butterfly necklace which is a new item on my website
First of all I design my item on paper and write down the materials I will be using and sketch out the rough shape and design.I then drew out my final shapes on tracing paper in the size and shape I wanted them, I then traced these onto the aluminium I used for the charms.

I then cut out the shapes from the metal with a piercing saw and this is what I was left with.

I then got some wire and bent it into the shape to hang from the butterfly.
I then used a drill to put holes where I wanted them.I then threaded the wire through the bottom hole and bent to shape and then decided roughly where to put the flower charm.

I then decided on what beads I wanted to use I then threaded them onto some cotton thread

I attached the flower charm to the end of the seed beads and to the butterfly and then strung the pendant onto organic hemp cord that I plaited by hand.

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