New Outfit

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Ok, so I went shopping the other day and picked up a few bits, the most excitin of which are my new pearls and a new charm necklace (I always try to resist buying jewellery as I already make so much myself, but sometimes I just cannot resist!)

But here I have dug out a top that I haven't worn in ages and paired it with the new skirt I have made and with the jewellery too I think it makes for quite a nice look.

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remade Dress

Ok, so fabric isn't always cheap and by the time you've added in zips, threads, elastic etc it can all add up, with the time it takes on top of that you've added yourself up alot of time, effort and money.

So when I was out shoppin I saw a dress on sale (mainly because it was an aweful design- not even sure how u'd wear it), but I transformed it from this...

dress,remade, recycled, fabric, sewn, handmade, thread, zips, pattern, floral, flower
To this...

dress,remade, recycled, fabric, sewn, handmade, thread, zips, pattern, floral, flower
I am quite pleased with the outcome! Another little dress I can wear in the summer.


Recipe Journal

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I love the idea of a journal and what better than a recipe journal?!

This was actually a christmas pressie and I love it. I did have a recipe book that I wrote all my fav recipes in before, but it was just a standard note book.

But now I have a pretty book, and as u can see it already has loads of bits of scrap paper with recipes on them and recipes cut out of magazines tucked inside, yet to be tried and tested! (to see if they make it into the book).

Lemon Cakes

I've been making cakes again!

This time I've made lemon cakes, yummy.
cakes, lemon, pretty, cupcakes, cupcake stand
lemon cupcakes on cake stand

I was just showing off my cake stands in these pics!! :) It makes me happy!



sparkle, fairy, fairy dust, pretty, top, handmade, pics, photos,
i wish i was a fairy
Just for a bit of fun, I have been playing with the pics I took of the new top I made and I am now a fairy! Or at least I sometimes wish I was.
I love the sparkles I can add to my images and collages on Polyvore too.


A new top

I saw an outfit that I loved online and I wanted it. So what do you do when you want something- make it of course, then u can have it in ur own size, colour etc.
Well anyway, I am half way to my outfit. I have made the top. I made this from an old top that didn't fit right. I have also ordered some turquoise fabric for a skirt I want to make. So watch this space for that one.
top, sewn, sewing, made, handmade

As you can see I have tried this top with several outfits.

Just waiting for summer now! Roll on summer :)


Love is in the air?

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Is love in the air today?

Not sure I agree with having one day a year when it should be. It's like everything if you want to celebrate it u'll do it when u want to.

But here's my contribution- I have been playing with light and photography. Hopefully my next experiments will be a bit more exciting!!


Light Drawing

light drawing,torch, photo, photography, slow shutter speed, light writing, smile
I have recently discovered the art of light drawing.

I have always thought it was cool when you write your name in light or draw shapes in the air with a torch on a slow shutter speed, but recently when I looked into I have seen so many beautiful images made in this way. This is something I definatly want to experiment with, especially since I just got a new camera as well.
This is my first experiment, not bad. Just need to try lots of different ideas out now!


Busy Busy

Busy busy today. I finished off the dress I made last weekend, I added buttons and altered the hem.

I also made another dress, this time one for the summer. I used the same pattern that I used for my previous floral blue dress, but made it from some pretty strawberry and toadstools fabric that I found online.

It needs some finishing, I need to line it as it is a little see through (or at least it would be in the sunlight!) I have just ordered some lining online today (along with some other new fabrics- I want to make a new skirt and a little shirt for work as well). I am also going to add some pink buttons to finish it off, but am very pleased with it!



I have been busy again making another new dress. I wanted a floral dress to wear with boots and cardi, so here it is...
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floral vintage style dresshandmade dress


New camera

I just got a new camera, so went out to play...
by the sea collage
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These are some pics I took by the sea!