Busy Busy

Busy busy today. I finished off the dress I made last weekend, I added buttons and altered the hem.

I also made another dress, this time one for the summer. I used the same pattern that I used for my previous floral blue dress, but made it from some pretty strawberry and toadstools fabric that I found online.

It needs some finishing, I need to line it as it is a little see through (or at least it would be in the sunlight!) I have just ordered some lining online today (along with some other new fabrics- I want to make a new skirt and a little shirt for work as well). I am also going to add some pink buttons to finish it off, but am very pleased with it!

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Hannah said...

These dresses are so pretty and to think you made them well that's incredible! I'm addicted to Project Runway at the minute and just wish I could make clothes!!!

Bow Dream Nation xx