Frog Prince pendant

This is a new pendant that I have just made. It was made from aluminium, cut with a piercing saw.

I love fairytales and the idea of magic and this was my inspiration for this piece. I might move on to castles next!! Or maybe a combination. I also have some little birdies I want to make soon. I'll post more pics as I make them.

If you would like any of these pieces, my pieces range from £40- £50 with Free P&P.

I can also make customised items, so if you have any ideas or know what you would like, let me know. I can also make Brides and bridesmaids jewellery and we can dicuss this in detail if you wish. Contact me at: surfjewels@hotmail.co.uk for more info.

More info at my site:
Handmade Jewellery

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