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I have spent the weekend (or at least part of it, did spend some time playing in the snow) making some new pieces of jewellery. I have spent quite of bit of time sketching and drawing out ideas and thinking about making, but not actually getting round to it. But this weekend I made some time and sat down and started making. I did a bit of experimenting and trying out the ideas that I had drawn down.
I am very happy with one of the pieces, which seems to have come out better than I was expecting (nice when that happens). That's this one below.
handmade pendant by surf jewels necklace, wire, handmade jewellery, flower, charms, heart, beads, hand cut, unique
I started this pendant by curving the wire into the shape I wanted, I then hammered it flat. I also hand cut the flower and heart charms. I then attached all of this to the wire with a few beads. This one was a bit of an experiment, so quite glad it worked out. Have a few more like this planned 2!
The next piece I created was this butterfly cut pendant. I cut out the shape and bent it so that it became 3D. This pendant is made from aluminium which was drilled, cut, filled and sanded to finish.
butterfly pendant handmade by surf jewels - sawn, handmade jewellery, aluminium, pendant, necklace, round, 3d, drilled, saw pierced

I then went on to make some more flowers. I made this flower pendant from two hand cut aluminium flowers and put a pearl bead at the centre.

flower pendant by surf jewels handmade ethical jewellery - flower, bead, layered, charm, necklace, jewellery, hand cut
Last, but not least, I made this larger pendant from aluminium, it has a layer of recycled plastic and then another aluminium flower with a bead centre. This is larger and so make a bit more of a statement, but is still subtle in colour.

handmade flower pendant by surf jewels handmade jewellery - layered, flower, necklace, pendant, recycled plastic, aluminium, hand cut, hand sawn, saw pierced, daisy, flowerThat sums up my bit of work from this wkend.

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