Summer beaded bracelet

beaded yellow bracelet

On the same theme as the previous bracelet. ...
I wanted something yellowy and summery, so this is what I created.

beaded bracelet by surfjewels handmade jewellery
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These bracelets are brand new and not yet on my site, I'm gunna put them on soon for £25 so if you want one let me know and I can make one to order. :).
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Vintage Turquoise Bracelet

beaded bracelet

As promised heres the bracelet I made from the dotty beads.

I plaited a cord, strung them all on and made a catch from wire so they it can be taken on and off easily.

vintage turquoise bracelet


Flower bracelet

This is a bracelet I made a little while back. It's made using cowrie shells that I rescued from a belt I had and flowers that I made from fimo.

I was inspired by some flowers I found in the garden and made it with some cord that I plaited by hand.

I hope it reminds people of the sea and holidays...

flower and cowrie bracelet
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Handmade beads

Heres some beads I made recently and have just painted for a new bracelet, I'll post that also when I have finished it. Think vintage and green spots... watch this space.

beads by surfjewels handmade ethical jewellery

Hemp flower necklace

I have a few items to add. This one I made a little while back. It is made from recycled plastics, from ice cream containers. I cut each little flower out by hand, made a hole in it and strung them all together on organic hemp.

recycled plastic and organic hemp necklace
flower hemp recycled necklace

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Wooden necklaces

Today I have been experimenting with wood. I haven't worked with wood before, so its new to me and I have been having a play.

I made a few different pendants, the material is organic and seems to do its own thing, which is nice in some ways, makes a change from working in metal.

The wood I've used is recycled which is great as I love to make new things out of old and its good for the environment too.

So enough talk- here are the pendants I made.

wooden charm pendants, handmade eco jewellery by surfjewels

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Handmade pendants

flower pendants handmade Heres a couple of pendants I have been working on today.

If you like anything you see you can send me an e-mail and I can make an item to order or make items in different colours or shapes just ask away... surfjewels@hotmail.co.uk

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flower pendants with beads

Making jewellery

As you can probably gather by now I spend a lot of time making jewellery. This is just a post to show you how its done.

This shows a pendant from materials to a finished item.
making jewellery how to

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Customising Jewellery

I make all sorts of jewellery and anything on my site or anything that I've made can be customised.

I can change how elements are combined, change colours or shapes, the possibilities are endless....

So if you have a wedding and want something for you or your bridemaids you are welcome to ask about what is possible or discuss what sort of thing you'd like.

If you have a particular outfit to wear and want something just right then we can make something that works together.

Below is an idea of just one pendant and how it can be changed, so if you have seen something you like, but want it slightly different or in a different colour then let me know.

Handmade Jewellery

I can also make things to your own designs or ideas, so if you want something specific let me know and we can work on it together.