Customising Jewellery

I make all sorts of jewellery and anything on my site or anything that I've made can be customised.

I can change how elements are combined, change colours or shapes, the possibilities are endless....

So if you have a wedding and want something for you or your bridemaids you are welcome to ask about what is possible or discuss what sort of thing you'd like.

If you have a particular outfit to wear and want something just right then we can make something that works together.

Below is an idea of just one pendant and how it can be changed, so if you have seen something you like, but want it slightly different or in a different colour then let me know.

Handmade Jewellery

I can also make things to your own designs or ideas, so if you want something specific let me know and we can work on it together.


MaidenShade said...

Hello - wrote on your guestbook as well, but just in case you don't see that one, here it is again:

Hi - came and visited your blog. You make lovely items and your poetry is magical. Please visit my blog too, let's exchange links, shall we? Visit me at http://MaidenShade.wordpress.com as the blogger one is my old one; )

Surf Jewels said...

Thanks for your comments, I will check it out, Thanks