More Jewellery

I've been a busy bee hammering and sawing to make some new items that I've been meaning to make for some time, so below are some of my creations. As always all are handmade, they are all made in the UK by me, are unique and ethical. I use recycled and organic materials to make something new and unusal that has the smallest impact on the environment as possible.

If you would like to buy anything you see either click the add to cart/ buy now button or to see more items visit my website:

This item has been handmade from aluminium and hammered for a textured effect, to buy this item click add to cart below. (P&P is Free).

This item has been hand made from aluminium sheet, it has been cut, sanded and hammered to make this pretty piece. Click below to buy with Free P&P.

The item above is a hammered butterfly pendant made from scrap aluminium, click below to buy with free P&P.

This is the newest item in my collection, based on my previous layered flower pendants, but made with hammered flower shapes. This makes it very shiny with a lovely texture that catches the light. Click add to cart below to buy with free P&P.

Flower pendant, made from aluminium sheet, hand cut and sanded to make this silhouetted shape. Click below to buy with Free P&P.

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