New skirt

Just made a new skirt and quite happy with how it turned out.
I bought a new belt to go with it as well.
handmade skirtskirt, belt, pink, pleat, sew, machine, stitch, marie skirt, burda, evening



New wintery hat

handmade cable bobble hat
As you can probably guess by now I like a bit of knitting and here is a new creation- a nice wooly bobble hat with cables.

 hat, bobble, cable, knit, handmade, wool, cream


Corset Dress

I wanted to give making a corset a go and here are the results, not a finished dress yet, but something I want to play with more and maybe add some machine embroidery to. I have just got an embroidery hoop and started trying out machine embroidery, so maybe with a bit more practise!

corset dress
 handmade, sewing,pattern, corset, dress, lacing, machine embroidery



snood, scarf, knitOk, so I always thought snoods were very old fashioned, but it seems they have come back around! So I wanted a different scarf, so I thought y not make a snood style one, so here it is

snood, handmade, hand knitted, knitting, craft, scarf, knit