Hand sewn jacket by surf jewels handmade jewellery - handmade,  jacket, sewn, sewing, pattern, brown, buttons, darts, surf jewels
I decided recently that I would attempt something a little more challenging. I am always looking for a good challenge.

I often make clothes- skirts, dresses etc, but this time I wanted to take on something a little more difficult. Soooo I found a pattern for a jacket that I could print off at home. I made the pattern up, did a trial run in some old fabric and then went for it.

And here is the result and I am really happy with it, turned out really nice and I even wore it out today :).

Cute little Bear

handmade bear by surf jewels handmade jewellery - cute, handmade, green, pink, fabric, sewn, sewing, teddie, buttons
Just finished this new little cute bear.

I made him from some reclaimed fabric and buttons. I even stuffed him with some old jumper fabric I had. A good deal of recycling going on there.

Happy with him, looks young and mischievious!!
recycled eco friendly handmade bear by surf jewels handmade jewelleryrecycled handmade bear by surf jewels handmade jewellery - bear,  sewn,  sewing,  handmade, made, buttons, teddie, green,  pink, cute, fabric, cuddly, toy

I can make these in different colours and fabrics and even make you a commisioned one, I could also make you a bear from a fabric you already own, just send me along the fabric and I'll send you back a cute little bear! :)

Contact me at surfjewels@hotmail.co.uk for more info.



Handmade bag by Surf Jewels Handmade Jewellery bag, sewing, pattern, hand crafted
Handmade bag by Surf Jewels Handmade Jewellery - bag, sewing, pattern, hand crafted, sewn, thread, stripe, recycled, reused
I have just finished off this bag.

I just made it from this pattern at Noodle head:

I am very happy with it too. I made it from an old pair of trousers and an old shirt. Was a little fidlly in parts, but turned out brilliant, so happy. And now I have a new summer bag! Just waiting for summer now...

Roll on sunshine (and warmth).

Peg Bag

handmade peg bag by surf jewels handmade jewellery sewing, fabric, hand crafted, handmade, sewn, embroidered, made, crafted, craft, thread, recycled, reused, upcycled, stitched
I recently made this peg bag for my Mum for mother's day. It's made from recycled fabrics, that were once curtains and pillow cases and other bits and pieces I've kept for those 'you never know when it might come in handy' times.

I'm quite happy with it. I used my sewing machine to sew on the little clothes and washing line and it turned out ok.

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