Handmade necklace

charm and bead turquoise necklace I made this new necklace by hand. I made all the beads and pieces myself from dough, I then coloured and painted them and strung them all together with silver thread.
I love turquoise and the sea, so this hopefully represents that.
turquoise heart necklace

Coloured bracelet

I made this new bracelet from some beads I have recently made and painted.
colourful bead bracelet

Long necklace

I made a new long necklace in black and white. Its quite hard to show a good picture, but have taken a few close ups as well.

long black and white bead necklace, handmade jewellery by surf jewels


I made a lot of tiny beads and then made them into a bracelet. I love pink and brown as a combination.
beaded surf bracelet, handmade ethical jewellery by surfjewels

More beads

I have made more beads (no suprise there as I'm always doing that recently).
But here they are...
turquoise beads
beads by surfjewels

handmade beads, jewellery by surfjewels

Painted flowers

I have been making lots of jewellery from aluminium and think its a great material to work in, but was gettin a little bored with the lack of colour, so I decided to experiment with aluminium and acrylic paints.

I cut flower shapes from the metal, sanded and drilled them.
I then mixed the colours I wanted and painted them.

Shell in Jewellery

I have been experimenting with shells and using pieces if shell in my jewellery. In the pieces below I have combined this with recycled wood and metal.

More beads

I seem to spend a lot of time making beads, so here are yet more...

All these are ready to be painted and glazed and made into whatever piece of jewellery I fancy.

Pebble Jewellery

Pebbles Pebbles Pebbles...

I love the beach and the sea and have always loved to find beautiful things on the beach, when I was little I would collect shells and pretty stones and its gone on from there. Now I still love to find things by the sea and like to use them in my jewellery. I have experimented with stones and shells as well as rubbish washed up by the tide, like old pieces of plastic and cotton buds.

Here are a few of the things I have made from pebbles. I started with a plain smooth pebble and then drilled, sawed and sanded them in to these beautiful shapes.