Sewing box

My Dad found me this sewing box that was gunna be chucked out! Needed a little fixing, but it's now in working order! Yay

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Knitted Beret

I have finished knitting my beret and have been wearing it to work this week (is it me or has it turned freezing again!)
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Playing with quotes and photos

The result of playing with photographs and words

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word photo

quotation photograph

word art photo

Just made a new necklace- daisy chains.

I tried out letter stamping a while back and had not until now made use of it. So I cut out these little flowers from aluminium and made a pretty necklace.

handmade jewellery daisy chain necklace
necklace, pendant, flower, jewellery, daisy, metal, saw piercing, daisy chains, silver, daisy,aluminium,handmade, custom, unqiue, pretty


Another New dress

dress, casual, buttons, handmade,sewn,pattern, shirringMade another new dress, I think I'm on a roll. And they are all going well!

I wanted to make a dress that I could either wear in the winter with leggings and a top or as a summer dress and here it is.

Now I want to now find some more fabric and make another one!

I adjusted it slightly from the pattern because I wanted it stretchy and without a zip, so I shirred the back, a first for me and it went fantastically well, no problems at all. I will be using shirring again.

It fits just right and I added a couple of buttons which finish it off nicely.

Very happy! :)
handmade floral dress

New dress

I just finished making this dress yesterday, I have just got to sew up the hem and it is all done.

I'm just trying to decide- straps or no straps?!

This is also the first piece of fabric I have bought online, so very happy, opens up a whole new world of fabrics. There are not enough fabric shops about!

dress, evening, made, handmade, sewing, sewn, flower, cotton, sewing machine, zip,pattern
evening dress handmade

hand sewn flower dress

Flower hair clip

I made this flower hair clip from a lacy black fabric that I recycled from another item.


Vintage Image

I have been playing with my photographs and editing them and this is the result of one of them.

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First attempt at making a shirt

This is my first attempt at making a shirt, something which I haven't tried before because it seemed to complicated, but seeing as I have made a jacket I thought- why not give it a go! So I did and here are the results. I am very happy with it.

The pattern caused me some issues as it was far too big for me, but with some adjustments it came out great! Very happy.

And also it was all made from an old shirt! Even better. I do love my reusing and recycling.

This image below shows the bottom of the shirt, when it is not tucked in.

 shirt, handmade, recycled,reused, old shirt, buttons, sewn, sewing machine, work, made, pattern

Hot water bottle cover

I started this hot water bottle cover before all the handmade festivities began and had to put it to one side for a bit while I got making and sorting all my pressies, but I got back to it once Christmas things were finished and have just finished it.

hot water bottle cover, knit, stripe, winter, cold, hot

Mini Stockings

Some little stockings I made this year.
mini christmas stockings
stockings, christmas, xmas, presents, knit, christmas tree, stripe, green, red



necklace, beads, purple, wire,knit, seed, pendant, silverThis is a necklace I made for someone as a pressie.
Beads have been knitted into the wire.
It is a purple version of this necklace: