Evening bag

I have had the same little evening bag for ages now, its just a little plain black one, goes with everything, but I decided to make a nice new one.

So here it is
bag, handmade,sewn,sewing machine, flower,lace,pearl, vintage, black, handbag,

I made it all, lined it and made a pretty flower, I think its cute and I'm quite happy. I might just add a zip?!


Knitted Bag

bag, knit, knitted,crochet, flower, cable, handmade,lined, cotton
I decided to make another little bag, but a knitted one this time. Thought it might look quite cute.

So I started knitting, I did it in a cable pattern. I sewed it all together and lined it and added a handle. I also made a little crochet flower and added a pearl to the centre.


New cable socks

I saw this pattern and just wanted to make them, they are some cable slipper socks and I am happily wearing them now.



handmade, bag, owl, brown I decided I wanted to make a new bag, so I sorted thru all my fabrics and then decided what colours and fabrics to use.

So heres the little bag I made. I then sewed on a little owl.


Handmade Holiday

robins handmade If you hadn't noticed already, I love to make stuff, all sorts of stuff and keeping with this theme I am making lots of holiday makes and gettin ready for the Christmas season. The build up is always the most fun!

So far I have already made a reindeer, some little robins, a Christmas bag, some socks and don't worry because I have lots more plans. I will be making lots of sweets and biscuits nearer the time too and wrapping them up beautifully.

As well as making lots of Christmassy things, I love to buy handmade too, I love to browse online and find something unique and perfect for all the people I love.

So busy busy, but lots of fun too.
handmade reindeer


Remember remember the 5th November

I love fireworks, reminds me of being a kid! Standing out in the cold, watching all the pretty fireworks, its great!

fireworks, 5th november, photographs


Pics pics pics

Some more pics that i've taken
poloroids of flowers My recent trip to Bournemouth, who said England can't b beautiful!
photographs, pictures, photos, sunset, beach, rainbow, sea, cliffs


Through the viewfinder pics

poloroids, ttv, through the viewfinder, photos, photographs, nature, plants, blossom, trees, leaves, flowers, artistic, surf jewels, fruit
I have always loved to take photographs and I have had a fascination with photographs that are either poloroids or more recently- through the viewfinder pictures. I think they can look amazing! So obviously I have been experimenting.

I take all my pics on a digital camera and have done for years now, so I have been playing with effects in photoshop to get the look I wanted. It wasn't easy, but I got there. :)