Christmas gift wrapping

Ok, so this is an alternative to the usual way of wrapping presents and does take a little more time, but I decided to make some pretty Christmas bags and use them to put presents in rather than the usual paper bags or wrapping.

I made the bag from white fabric and a stripe fabric that I had stashed away and I appliqued on the penguin design from some other fabrics.

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Handmade Reindeer

handmade, reindeer, christmas,xmas, gift, sewn, sewing, fabric, festive, decoration, toy I have just made this little reindeer. Lots of sewing was involved and was a bit fiddly, but got there in the end.

Christmas Robin

Another little robin for my Christmas collection.

Totally handmade in the UK.

Each little robin costs £10

handmade robin decoration



Ok, so I did start thinking about Christmas rather early this year, but y not?! I do like to make a whole load of stuff, so if ur gunna do that, then you need to do it early right?!

I have just made a couple of little robins, more pics will follow.

These would make great gifts or decorations for your home. A festive piece to get out year after year.

They cost £10 each with free P&P.

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Reindeer Pendant. A bit early 2 think about Christmas?

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Ok, so thinking of Christmas a bit early me thinks! But people keep talking about it and its only just september.
But here's a pendant that I just made. I don't usually make themed jewellery as I like jewellery to be lasting and kept rather than to be just a temperary thing. But I do love Christmas and this can be brought out and worn each year.

I designed this pendant and then cut it from a sheet of aluminium.

reindeer christmas necklace