Another Polka Dot Skirt

After making a blue polka dot skirt I thought I'd make another one, so heres my white and black polka dot skirt.
 polka dot, black, white, dot, skirt, handmade, fabric, sewn, sewing


New Dress

Been planning this dress for a while, wanted something kinda casual. Spent a while deciding on what I wanted, then got sorting a pattern and made the dress

handmade, dress, sewn, sewing machine, fabric, pattern, check, dress top, rolled sleeves

handmade black and white dress

handmade dress Below is the detail on the sleeve

close up sleeve detail



As you can probably tell by now, I love making stuff and hoarding fabrics of course!

Here are some fabrics I have bought recently, lots of projects in mind and you'll no doubt see the finished items here shortly!

I think a casual dress, a work dress and a skirt? What ya reckon?

fabric, polka dot, stash


The Big Knit 2010

I have done this a few years running now. It basically involves knitting (or crocheting) lots of little hats to go on innocent smoothie bottles and helps to raise money for age UK.

Go to their website for more info:

It even gives you patterns to help get you started!

They all need to be sent in by 5th October so get knitting!!!
knitting, charity, innocent,smoothies, hats, hat, crochet, big knit, raise money


Look at what I knitted

I seem to have spent ages knitting this top, I think because I started it at the end of winter and then summer came. Knittin feels like such a wintery thing. But it's finally finished!

Just bought the cute spotty buttons 2day and sewed them on :).

handmade, top, knitted, buttons, spotty, grey, wool

This is a close up of the cute little dotty buttons.


Polka Dot skirt

I saw this blue polka dot fabric and had to buy it. I wasn't sure whether to make a dress or skirt, but decided a dress might be a bit much, so heres the skirt I made.

 skirt, polka dot, blue, yellow shoes, navy, fabric, handmade, clothes,fashion
Blue polka dot skirt


Honeycomb with chocolate

I have been trying to make honeycomb for a while now, have had a few disasters. One lot came out inedible, it was rock hard!! The next lot I burnt! Opps (tho the texture was right that time) and now this lot is just right! yay

Once it cooled I coated it in choc and then broke it up and put it in a jar.


yum, honeycomb, cinder toffee, chocolate, made, homemade, jar


Mouse- handmade with dungarees

I decided I wanted to make a mouse. I couldn't find a pattern that was for what I wanted, so I made one up. I then used recycled fabrics and stuffing to make this little mouse.
handmade little white mouse
+little white mouse's dungarees

mouse, handmade, dungarees, blue, buttons, sewn, sewing, toy, denim,white, cute
A little mouse in dungarees :)


Just made a new dress

This is my third dress that I have made recently, a bit of a sewing frenzy!!
I designed this dress and made it myself. I started off my designing the pattern and then drew it all out on to the fabric, making sure it all fitted.
I then cut it all out. I hate the moment when you have to do the first cut, there's no going back!! At least if you sew something wrong you can unpick it, you definatly cannot uncut something (unfortunatly, there have been times when I wish you could).
cutting out pattern
Luckily the cutting went fine. I then started sewing and then pinned it all onto my manequin. I love my mannequin- great for pinning, when it would be a struggle to do it on yourself- you can never reach your back!handmade dress sewing

handmade dress making
This is my finished dress, pretty happy. Wanted something brown and fairly casual and I love big pockets!!
handmade dress making sewing pattern design dress brown


Turquoise Dress

handmade, dress, top, turquiose, sewn, sewing, pattern, design, fashion
I have just finished making this dress, it is not for myself, so I have made it in a bigger size.
I love the idea of big pockets, so designed this with some nice big pockets.



I've always wanted to be a fantastic artist- just a minor problem though- can't seem to draw very well!! or paint...... hmmm.
I have tried a few little drawings recently though- could be worse right?! Maybe I need to start practising.
surf jewels, drawing, art, artist, sketch, woman, guitar, jeans
drawing, art, artist, sketch, woman, guitar, jeans



I have been inspired to make some bunting- I used lots of different recycled fabrics
handmade bunting
handmade bunting handmade, sewing, recycled, fabric


Website Update

website update - handmade, website, update, handmade, items, surf jewels I have just added my handmade items to my site, check it out at:


I am soon to update my site with lots of makes other than jewellery, I think I am gunna add a section of handmade items- i'll be adding bears, birds and little boats. So watch this space.

handmade bear bear handmade, sewn, recycled, fabric, eco, bear, buttons, teddy



I'm not a big shopper, not unless it's shoppin for fabric and craft stuff!! Spent £40 on fabric the other day, but do you think I went a little shoe mad 2day?!

flat pump shoes - shoes, clothes, fashion, yellow, purple, blue, pointed, flats, rounded, pumps, ballet shoes




Just made these new bracelets with pearl and silver beads
handmade, bracelet, jewellery, pearls, silver, beads, surf jewels
Inspired by pearls:
I love the idea of pearls- growing inside an oyster from a grit of dirt that got caught inside and growing into something beautiful. Amazing!


New pink pearl necklace

handmade, jewellery, necklace, beads, surf jewels, charms, butterfly, heart, flowersI decided to make a pink and pearl long necklace to go with an outfit I have just got.

I added flower, heart and a butterfly charm along with pearl, silver and pink beads.long pink and pearl necklace
long bead necklace

More jewellery and info at:
Handmade Jewellery


Little Boat

little handmade boat sewn recycled made
Another little make- I just made this little boat. It is totally recycled. The boat is made from recycled card and papermache. The sail is made from recycled fabrics and the mast from found sticks.

Birds On A Wire

My little birds on a wire

birds, wire, handmade, recycled, sewn, sewing, fabric

Am I getting carried away?!