Beads beads beads

The beads I made.

I made these beads by hand and then some were painted and some glazed. I then use these in my new pieces.

Long necklace

I just made this long necklace.

I used silver cord and beads that I made by hand and painted. I also attached a flower charm that was cut by hand from aluminium.

If you want anything like this made then contact me at: surfjewels@hotmail.co.uk I can make things in any colour or design.


Beaded Bracelets

I've been making some new beads today and they are all sitting drying, some pics will come soon.

I have also been making some beaded bracelets and here are the pics...

beaded bracelet
coloured beads
beaded jewellery
beaded chain
beads by surfjewels
beaded jewellery by surfjewels

I can make beads in all sorts of colours, so if you have any ideas for a bracelet you want or a necklace or pendant let me know and I can make something to order. Bracelets are around £25 and necklaces between £20 and £50 depending on how much work goes into the item.

All of my items are made by hand, so will be unique, these beads are all made by me, then dryed, then painted and some are also glazed for various effects.

More info at my site: http://surfjewels.000space.com

or you can e-mail me at: surfjewels@hotmail.co.uk